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November reads

First of all, instead of random book titles once in a while, I decided to do a monthly book recommendation post from now on. November was rather poor for me on that front, with only four full books finished, while I am also making progress with my first ever Spanish language book, and learning a lot. What I read in November included two classics, one Hungarian romance (sort of) and the long anticipated memoirs of former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. Many might find strange that I have never read Lolita and The Great Gatsby before, but in Hungary neither…

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Finally got my copy of Kofi Annan’s book!

I ordered it like seven weeks ago from Amazon, then I waited and waited and it hasn’t arrived. Then they sent me a replacement copy, then the original one arrived and for some reason I had to send the first one back and wait for the replacement which I ordered to an alternate address that is further away from me now, so I had to wait another week until I finally got my book in my hands… Anyway, shoutout to UKPaperbackshop for their plain-dealing client service, I’ve never had any dispute like this with any retailer and they really were…

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Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert

Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert Why I never had to read this one in high school, I cannot recall now, probably it would have been due at the time when we skipped a whole shool year’s curriculum with our rather negligent teacher. So it’s just one of the classics that I missed out back then, but now there’s only a few left that I haven’t made up yet. Anyway, it’s better late than never…

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Könyv: Hotel Bali (Fejős Éva)

Könyv: Hotel Bali (Fejős Éva) summer ends, light summer reading continues…

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P. G. Wodehouse: Big Money

P. G. Wodehouse: Big Money This and P. G. Wodehouse novels in general were recommended to me many years ago. This one actually sat on my shelf for years and somehow I never found the right time to pick it. I am glad I did now, during my week off of the summer, it is a perfect holiday read! I am not that much of a fan of so called English humor, not in books, neither in movies, but once in a while this kind of storytelling can really relax one’s mind. For Hungarian readers I have to note that…

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Könyv: A Mór megtette… (Dr. Kovács Lajos)

Könyv: A Mór megtette… (Dr. Kovács Lajos) És egy korábbi Dr. Kovács Lajostól: A halálnak élve Mindkettő letehetetlen!

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