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Blabbing April 2022

April was busy and slow at the same time, and I can’t believe we’re past one-third of the year already! I started April at home in Nagykálló preparing for the elections. The weather was terrible (it was snowing on the 3rd!) and I was having a cold anyway. Election day (April 3rd) also happened to be the only day this year, when I haven’t done any yoga and haven’t read a book, since I was on my feet from 3:45am to 2:00am the next morning, having other things to do. I’ve had four days off of work, from Thursday to…

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Remembering Madeleine Albright through her books

I was saddened by the news of the death of the first woman who served as Secretary of State of the United States whom as a foreign diplomacy enthusiast, I considered one of my idols. Ever since I read her first book and became familiar with her work and her personality, I was always looking forward to learning her take on whatever happened in the world. The last time she shared her thoughts was about the war in Ukraine, published one day before it started, and about a month before she passed away. Though I have never met her in…

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Blabbing March 2022

This March was busier than my past two years altogether and still feels like it went by in a blink. I did still go on making the 1 second videos every day, and amazingly enough, even though so many things happened, it was the hardest month to keep doing it so far. There were days when it was obvious what to include, but other times I could forget about it altogether. First of all, we went back to work from the office full time from March 1. The next week from March 7 all Covid restrictions were lifted in Hungary,…

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Blabbing February 2022

In light of all that’s happened in the past week, all of February seems meaningless now, but I am sharing this post out of optimism that better days are coming. I almost resumed my social life in February. Well, still far from it, but I took the first steps. Went out to see a movie two times, attended some other social events. All masked up, and not too many people, but still. I went hiking one weekend, which was much needed time spent outdoors. And I have more dates in my calendar for this next month than all of the…

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Blabbing January 2022

Anyone else feels like January went by in a hurry? I barely got used to writing 2022 and now we are more than a month into the year. I started the year really exhausted after the end of year rush in my workplace, and I was determined to go on vacation for at least a few days. I was even contemplating a foreign trip for early February (just around now), which I haven’t had in a very long time, but that’s not going to happen now either (due to Covid and other reasons). Now I can’t have any days off…

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I consume content (therefore I am)

As you would imagine, my opinions are formed by the things I read and watch, and by the people I am around. Not just in person, in my life, but online, the people I follow. Out of everything I consume, reading has the most important place in my life. I’ve been an avid reader since childhood and the touch and smell of a book is still one of my favourite things. Let alone reading in silence with nothing else to do! A rare occurence… My reading time decreased since I started working in my current job, where I spend most…

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united-nations: “Literacy opens worlds of opportunities to everyone. And reading is fun!” –United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on Tuesday’s World Book Day. Books change lives. They are a doorway to mutual respect and understanding between people, across all boundaries and differences.📚 Find out more from @unesco: https://bit.ly/2HD4nPj

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Five things I love to bring to 2018

I wrote earlier that I didn’t really feel like doing a review of last year, since there are not many things to look back at. 2017 was decidedly not my year. Looking back what I feel is as if I have completely skipped the whole year. All I can think about is work, I even had 10+ paid leave days remaining (i.e. going to waste), because there was always some reason not to take a day off. Of course I have all the intention now to change things, so that I would have a bunch of great stuff to look…

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Farewell, 2016!

Considering everything, no-one will miss you…  Especially these last days of the year really made people long for those days when you could just turn off the tv and hide away from all the bad news at least for a few days. While we all wish the next year to be the best ever, the undeniable truth is that we are facing it amid seemingly unstoppable wars, the rise of unacceptable political views and at the treshold of four years of who knows what. Still, I want this one to be a happy post. Aside from a sad personal loss…

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Sunday Smack

Happy Sunday everybody! The heatwave has just left Hungary for everybody’s relief except for me who loves the hot weather and I am spending this weekend extended by Monday with much needed rest in the countryside. Finally I was able to catch up with my reading, even had time to read for pleasure (yay, Go Set a Watchman!). Out of my weekly reading, here’s some interesting stuff. A Comprehensive Timeline of the Iran Deal It’s all in the title. A very detailed timeline of what happens next. Another Bad Election in Burundi The long anticipated vote went down this week…

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