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On The Queen’s passing

I didn’t intend to write about this, even though I’ve seen lots of opinions and titles, until I’ve seen someone non-British whom I respect and with whom I ususally agree with liking a meme that compared the days after HM’s passing to scenes from North Korea, and I found it very upsetting. First of all, in Britain, there are royalists and anti-royalist, and there are people in between. There are hard-core royalists who admire the monarch as some religious leader and go out of their way to express this admiration. There are royalists who respect the tradition, respect the royal…

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Sunday Smack

Happy Sunday, Everybody! This was an eventful week in a lot of ways. The reason I chose this photo to define it is in part because I am such an admirer of traditional protocol, of which there is no greater source today than royal events as such. The other reason is a personal one, during the summer I started to up my Spanish skills with an intensive training, and I was so proud of myself listening to and understanding most of King Felipe’s state banquet speech! And also the gowns and tiaras, but that’s like an obvious reason, not to…

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I loved this speech! 😀 I never knew Prince Charles was such a funny guy. 🙂 quatre1six: Your Majesty, Mummy… I’m sure you’d want me to thank, on your behalf, all the wonderful people who made tonight possible. All the performers, the artists, the musicians, the comedians, who made such jolly good jokes… Gary Barlow for helping to make the whole thing possible, and above all, those remarkable technicians, all 600 of them behind the scenes, without which nothing would happen. And if I may say so, Your Majesty, thank God the weather turned out fine, and the reason, of…

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The Diamond Jubilee Thames River Pageant.

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Amazing celebration… Are you watching?

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Today is the real birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. The one she celebrates in June. 🙂

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